Bring the World Home

Do what you want, when you want.

Listen up gamers, streamers, and general Internet enthusiasts! The entire world is now at your fingertips.

You finally have a way to do what you want, when you want since Backcountry Broadband brings symmetrical high-speed internet, with best-in-class latency 5 to your home. Combine that with no data caps and you will truly experience the Internet like never before.

Imagine! A way to convince the kids and grandkids to visit more. A way to reliably work remote. Or stay connected to friends and family. The possibilities are endless!

Unbelievable Performance

Fiber delivers

Fiber-optic Internet delivers a more consistent, reliable experience that no other technology can touch.

Competitors in the Canyon - including Starlink, Mountain Broadband, and Rise Broadband - use wireless technology which is subject to interference, inconsistent connections, and is shared with your neighbors.

Backcountry Broadband delivers a dedicated pipe right into your home.


A Plan for Everyone

You have options with Backcountry Broadband, from the budget conscious to those who want nothing but the best.

Plus, all plans come with complimentary Premium Features 6.

The Essentials



25 Mbps Download Speed
3 Mbps Upload Speed
Reliable, low-latency fiber connection
Enables WiFi Calling (use your cell phone at home)
Most Popular
Performance Package



100 200 Mbps Download Speed
100 200 Mbps Upload Speed
Reliable streaming and surfing on a few devices
BONUS: Double your speed to 200 Mbps!
BONUS: Same upload and download speed
Best in Class
Ultimate Experience



1000 Mbps (Gigabit) Download speed
1000 Mbps (Gigabit) Upload speed
Perfect for the entire family with multiple demands
Reliable heavy media, gaming, Zoom use
BONUS: Ability to host your own Servers
BONUS: Direct access to IPv4 and IPv6

Premium Features Included

Backcountry Broadband brings the best to all customers. Here are just some premium features that make The Canyon's Best Internet™

Direct Peering

Connect directly to the top sites on the Internet1

Automatic Billing

The convenience of one bill for all services without worry of missing a payment

Unlimited Data

No data caps. Period.
Stream and surf to your heart's content!

Low Latency

Connect without delay! Many websites are less than 10 ms away2

Access the entire Internet

Native access to the next-generation Internet, IPv6, is included for everyone

Friendly Support

Direct support from a company that knows you by name

Complimentary Educational Content

Community members are able to learn and grow with Educational Resources from Backcountry Broadband.

We offer free seminars in the community, educational videos and articles on Medium, YouTube, and our blogs. Our mission is to grow your confidence and skill using the Internet and take advantage of all it has to offer. Topics range from Internet safety, ways to use the internet, and technical behind-the-scenes.

This education is open to all - whether you are a subscriber or not. So grab a friend, and notebook, and let's learn!


Add-on Services

Make the Best even better. Choose from a comprehensive selection of services to make your plan yours.

Unlimited Phone Service

Start talking with feature-filled telephone service. Get more features than the phone company's service for less. Oh, and installation won't take a month like with the phone company.

What's included

Unlimited US, Canada, Mexico calling
E-911, Voicemail, Caller ID, and more
(Optional) Keep your existing number
(Optional) Add International calling plans
Monthly service, starting at


Internet Subscription required

Supercharge your WiFi

The familiar "all-in-one routers" that provide your wireless connection do a good job, but the truth is dedicated equipment designed just for WiFi performs even better.

Upgrade today to get the best speeds and coverage!

What's included

A business grade wireless access point
Quick Start guide to maximize your WiFi
Basic installation3
Basic configuration4
One-time charge, starting at

$25 / mo*

*for 1 year, or $249 one-time

Television (Coming Soon)

We're partnering with Xperi and content providers to make an ordinary Television experience extraordinary. View TV at home or on-the-go with top quality.

Note: TV Service is still being developed but will be offered soon. Let us know what channels you would be interested in!

What's included

Local and National Channels
Use Any Device    Set-Top-Boxes, Smart TVs, or Smartphones
Cloud DVR - Record your favorites
Premium Channels available   HBO, Starz/Encore, Cinemax, Showtime
Monthly service, starting at


Internet Subscription Required


Customers love our service!

Don't just take our word for it.
See what existing customers have to say about The Canyon's Best Internet™

Joseph R.

We got a house in the Golden Gate Canyon and quickly realized that getting good Internet access was going to be a challenge. Not only was out satellite service very expensive, but the speed was very slow and unreliable.
We switched to Backcountry Broadband, which was significantly less costly, and all our problems vanished. No more pixelation when streaming a HD movie, no more interruptions when streaming music. What a difference!

Andrew R.

Before Backcountry Broadband, we had to surf the Internet after midnight, drive down to Golden to download movies, and actually sign up for a phone line to communicate.

Now, we do what we want, when we want.

Laura W.

Golden Gate Canyon is a wonderful place to live, other than the connectivity issues.

When we first moved here, we found it impossible to work from home, stream video, and or sometimes use the internet at all.

Backcountry Broadband gave us the ability to have it all: a beautiful place to live with all the connectivity we would want in our daily lives.


See if your home has service!

Reach out to us and we'll let you know if you already have service, or if you can get it soon.